Fantasy lovers will love the Dawngate game! This unique game from Waystone Games is exciting and innovative! Players  who try this game will be able to control Shapers, which are unique and  super powerful beings who have access to several abilities. In addition to cool abilities players will be able to choose 3 different spells during the match.  Although unique Dawngate contains many similarities to several other MOBAs. What makes it different than other games is the fact that it has only two lanes, upgrading minions, respawning towers,and resource objectives called spirit wells which can help your team make more money!

dawngateWhat’s great about Dawngate is that players are able to choose a role before the match stars which grants them extra money. This depends on their desired role and objectives.  Over all this game is very enticing to players who enjoy a challenge and of course a good time!

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Developer:Waystone Games