Smite review

Strategically Smite is very similar to League, however,  it positions the camera close behind the back of the character which gives the game a certain twist.

In addition, Smite took away the lifesaving peripheral vision of a top-down camera which transformed  the MOBA into more of a  close-range kills type of game. This unique game distinguishes itself from others in the competitive MOBA market.

Smite is very similar to the League as they are both very addicting games but yet have a very different style.

smiteSmite follows the  MOBA template: There are two teams of five players each who face off on a map built with three different lanes, separated by an intertwining “jungle” filled with enemies. Of course there are Minions in each lane.  killing the minions grants gold.Teams  fight together, different characters have different roles to carry out.

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