GoalUnited Review

Dreamed of having and managing your own football team? Than GoalUnited is the game for you!

GoalUnited is game that revolves around managing an entire football team and all the exciting responsibilities that come with it. In this game the players mission is to manage the team as well as sell and buy new players. In addition the player is responsible for building and managing a new football stadium. goalunited


The role of the manager is to choose  the team and decide on specific player positions. In addition the manager has to make sure the training sessions are organized. The managers are also in charge of choosing the right staff (financial consultants, doctors,   trainers,PR managers)

The Leagues
A league is made up of 10 teams.The best 2 teams of each league will ultimately take part in play-offs.

There are 19 players allowed on your team. Each player has a different set of skills and abilities. Choose your players wisely.

If you want your team to be successful you have to invest some time into our training settings. You have the ability to choose which of your players skills you would like to train. This helps you maximize your efforts and get the most out of your players.

In order to keep your team from being in debt you must find sponsors that will help you generate income.

Ticket sales at home matches are crucial for your income.In order to get a lot of visitors your stadium has to be kept in good condition. The more players come the more fans you will have and the more money you will earn!