square_ogOGame is a browser based game of strategy and resource management. Players start with a paltry of resources and a single base. A tutorial guides players on their way as they build up a powerful empire capable of colonizing new planets. There are four key resources in OGame including Deuterium, Metal, Crystal, and Energy. These resources can be generated by upgrading certain buildings at each station under your control. A fifth resource called Dark Matter can only be acquired by paying real cash and is used to hire special NPC officers which boast the efficiency of your empire. OGame plays almost identically to Space Invasion and also shares similarities with Astro Empires.


OGame is a text based Sci-Fi browser based strategy MMO. Start with a single planetary colony and expand your powerful empire across the Universe. Build mines, energy stations, research new technologies, and construct fleets of star ships in this MMORTS. Balancing your economy, making alliances, and raiding other players are the key to success in OGame!