Rise of Mythos

Rise of Mythos is a TCG in that you build a deck of creatures from your available pool and try to strategize what combination is best suited to take on your opponent, but the actual gameplay doesn’t play out like a typical TCG on a tabletop template laid out for the playing of cards. Instead, the game features a grid overlaid on top of a 2D world. There are up to four different lanes, and each time a player activates a card, they choose one of the available lanes to place that creature in, and then one of the first three spaces in that lane which serve as starting spaces.

Creatures that are on the game grid then advance in that lane each turn, automatically moving and attacking the first thing they run into coming from the opposite direction in the same lane. Battles sort of have a Plants vs. Zombies feel to it, except it’s more like Zombies vs. Zombies as creatures run at each other in the lane until they run headlong into each other, then do battle based upon their attack and defense stats. Some creatures have abilities such as ranged attacks, the ability to affect adjacent lanes, healing of other creatures, etc.


The strategy in the game comes from deciding which lanes to place your creatures in for maximum advantage, and which creatures should be activated in what order within the lane.The game is won when the player gets their creatures in one or more lanes past the enemy forces, thus leaving the enemy hero open for attack. Once that hero’s lifepool is at zero, they are defeated.